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My July 3-11 stay at: 

8 Ocean Walk
Fire Island Pines, New York

and my dealings with their broker/representative:

Jon Wilner, Licensed Real Estate Broker

Island Properties of the Pines, Inc.
37 Fire Island Blvd.
PO Box 5400
Fire Island Pines, NY 11782


3/28/2016:  ABC News Speaks Out on Jon Wilner
10/7/2014 Jon Wilner:  "I’m proud to say that in 12 years I have never been the recipient of a complaint or been accused of what you are accusing me of."
2015, A New Season of Security Deposit Complaints
Can't get your security deposit back?

Possible Actions: Not intended as Legal Advice

1.  File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

2.  Send the landlord a default notice.

3.  File a complaint with New York State, Division of Licensing.

4.  File a claim in New York State, Suffolk County Small Claims Court

10/25/2015 Website Visitor's Letter (Reprinted unedited and without verification or comment.)
I rented a property from Mr. Wilner in August and he has not returned my security deposit. He told me a check was sen and must have been lost in the mail. I was told October 17 another check would be sent but I have not received it and he is not returning calls. I have filed complaints with the BBB, New York State and American Express. Fortunately, I charged the rental on Amex and they will most likely refund the deposit and charge it against Mr. Wilner's account.
10/22/2015 Website Visitor's Letter (Reprinted unedited and without verification or comment.)
Im suing the landlord for my security deposit as it states in the lease they hold it jon wilner never returned it? Not my problem its in the lease the landlord is responsible i hope they all burn in hell the summer was full of so much drama and so disturbing im not comming back the pines is over even Lina left for good
8/21/2015 Website Visitor's Letter to Wilner (Reprinted unedited and without verification or comment.)
For the record: Implying over and over that Georges and I are living in David Fedeles' house for "free" is irritating, knowing that we have paid to AMEX, the entirety of the 2015 lease.  If you don't believe us, then AMEX knows the truth, and we have statements.
The only amount being disputed is the $1875, 2015 security which we don't want in your hands, but in the owner's hands.

Another amount, one of the payment (of $6,000) for the 2015 lease WAS also being disputed because you repeated the charge to our credit cars TWICE.   The dispute was resolved in our favour, as clearly, we didn't owe you an extra $6000.  Surely, anyone would understand this but, somehow, you don't.

We received our 2014 security deposit in JUNE 2015!  After our friend Darren Rosenblum's 2014 security deposit check from you BOUNCED, we decided to investigate whether or not you had actually paid us back our 2014 security deposit and discovered that you hadn't.  An honest mistake?  Doubtful. 

You're either delusional, plain stupid or a crook, Jon.  I personally think it's the latter.
Can't get your security deposit back?

Possible Actions: Not intended as Legal Advice

1.  File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

2.  Send the landlord a default notice.

3.  File a complaint with New York State, Division of Licensing.

4.  File a claim in New York State, Suffolk County Small Claims Court

7/10/2015 Website Visitor Wrote (Reprinted unedited and without verification or comment.)
Jon Wilner is A Criminal who needs to go to Jail.  We paid him 8k which he never sent the landlord. He lied multiple times saying he sent it. Then we finally forced him to give us a refund and he FORGED a fake refund to buy more time on us suing him. I am out for blood.
7/2/2015 Website Visitor Wrote (Reprinted unedited and without verification or comment.)
Jon Wilner gave me a check for $1383 on June 29th to settle my 2014 security deposit. The check bounced for insufficient funds.
6/21/2015 Website Visitor Wrote (Reprinted unedited and without verification or comment.)
Subject: Grand Larcenies

How do you live with yourself Jon?

At this point you have you realized that no one else could possibly stand living with you?

You are a lying thief and I and several other people are doing our best to have you locked up.

The sheriff was already in your office last Monday.

We all can hardly wait until you go to jail and rehab and full restitution to all your victims will be a condition of your probation.

Telephone number of the chief of the Economic Crime Bureau of the Suffolk County DA's office: 631.853.6231.

Maybe if more victims come forward, the Chief will take even more interest in these crimes.

That seems to be the only solution to your problems.

6/20/2015 Website Visitor Wrote (Reprinted unedited and without verification or comment.)

I also have a story of Jon Wilner not return my security totally 6373.14

Any idea what to do?
6/17/2015 Website Visitor Wrote (Reprinted unedited and without verification or comment.)
I would like to say that this last email comes as a shock and a surprise, but unfortunately after all that you've put me through I cannot even say that. Somehow you are trying to turn this situation against me as if I had done something wrong or broke a promise or an agreement, when they only one who has done so is you.

The email exchange you refer to in your email was on June 8th, in which I indeed told you I could hold up the dispute if you made the transfer immediately (which you had promised to make over a week prior to no avail). On June 9th, the last email you sent, you wrote "give me an hour and I will get back to you and resolve the wire transfer". Of course there was no response and more importantly no wire transfer. So of course I re-initiated the dispute.

To this day, NO FUNDS HAVE BEEN TRANSFERRED TO MY ACCOUNT and that is a fact that can be easily confirmed. As I mentioned multiple times, if you made the transfer this process would not be happening, but you have not done so. And why would you? For months you've been promising to pay, first HR, then me, to no avail. If you had paid the money in the first place, none of us would be here. Trust me, I DO NOT want to be in this position. It's stressful, time-consuming, and simply a pain that I do not deserve. I made prompt payments for a service that you did not provide. This is plain and simple. You promised to provide a refund, and you did not provide that either. How you're going to dispute that, I do not understand.

Fortunately I have all the emails to prove my case. On my end at least, this has going on since May 1 when I got an email from the owner notifying that you had not paid him. I called you and emailed you immediately and you told me it would be resolved "right away", "that same day", etc. It dragged on for one month.Then, on June 1 you said you would not provide the rental services and that you would refund me "immediately". I provided my bank account information and waited 10 days, and no wire transfer came, after several promises that it would be done "right away" "within 24 hours", etc. Finally I initiated the dispute, since I cannot wait forever for this famous refund that STILL TO THIS DAY HAS NOT COME.

By the way, I still have not received my refund check for the deposit for the 2014 rental, also after many promised that it would be done right away. This, by the way, has happened to other renters that I know.

So let's keep the drama aside and get this over with. I don't know under what grounds you're going to answer the dispute, that you gave me the refund? that you paid the owner? None of it has happened. So good luck.

6/4/2015 Website Visitor Wrote (Reprinted unedited and without verification or comment.)
Saw your website. Didn't know how to bitch there.  Jon Wilner will not return my $1100 deposit from last August.  Not to put too fine a point on it, but he is a liar and thief!  Can't believe he is still operating a business?  Do the owners of the properties have any liability?  We had a wonderful rental from some owner property. Shouldn't they be informed?
5/20/2015 Website Visitor Wrote (Reprinted unedited and without verification or comment.)
I have not received my $2000 deposit for 2014 quarter-share from Jon Wilner. He told me in January that he was still reconciling utilities, then no further communication. I will not rent through him again.
4/815 Website Visitor CC:'d Letter to Wilner  (Reprinted unedited and without verification or comment.)
Jon In several emails and phone conversations over the weeks you told me that, because you put me through so much aggravation from your delayed payments, you would pay the April 1st payment of $10,000 (plus your half of the commission) in the third week of March. Not surprising to me, it never came. Then last week, when I phoned you, you said you were switching banks to Citi Bank and I was “in line” to receive a bank transfer; on this past Monday you had Ray phone me in answer to my earlier irate message I had left for you, saying please wait until Tuesday morning, yesterday…still nothing. This morning I phoned your office to say nothing has been received; your answering machine was full and could not accept any more messages.

Jon, you have violated the trust I and others are required to place in you. Your unethical practices, and improbable excuses, regarding handling monies that belonging to others are outrageous. Be advised that I am now notifying all parties—as before—of your continuing failure to abide by your obligations as a real estate broker. I feel I have given you more than enough chances to follow through with your promises. I am out of patience.

3/19/2015 Website Visitor CC:'d Letter to Wilner  (Reprinted unedited and without verification or comment.)

As of this moment (11:00 AM) I checked my bank (HSBC) by internet and by a real person on the telephone and it is confirmed that no funds have been received from you. This is not the first time you insisted you sent/wired monies due me over the past many weeks. Where is a copy of your receipt for having wired the funds, to serve as proof?

The only monies I received from your firm was on September 16 when I got the security deposit of $3,400.00. On January 09 you (Jon) deliver in person to my residence in Manhattan a check for $8,600.00. I deposit the check on the same date, and that check bounced for not sufficient funds. And after many telephone calls and exchanges of emails in which you insisted you had sent/wired the funds, you finally sent the $8,600.00 by a wire transfer from Chase Manhattan on March 06.

To date that is the only monies I have received from you. You have been promising by emails and phone calls to wire further monies owed me, and you have said you actually sent the funds by wire (but never received by me). Send a copy of your wire transfer receipt of the $22,000.00 (and your share of the commision of $1,700.00) to me and the above parties.

2/27/2015 Website Visitor Wrote (Reprinted unedited and without verification or comment.)
Hi - I came across your website.  We live in London and have rented with Jon the last 10 years and we usually use our deposit to pay the deposit for the forthcoming year.
This past summer he was so dizzy he rented us the wrong house.  We arrived and it was not the house we though we had rented.  I don't want to deal with him and have asked 20 times for my security deposit back.  It has been ongoing since August and he keeps saying it is the fault of the UK post.  Any idea of his phone number and how I can report him to NYS realtors association?
Kind regards,
2/12/2015 Website Visitor Wrote (Reprinted unedited and without verification or comment.)
I'm still waiting for a deposit. It is now February. He has the flu now.
Sampling of Other Website Visitor Emails (Reprinted without verification or comment.)

We rented a house in the Pines on 8/8/14. And still have not received our deposit back. Despite Jon Wilner assuring me that it was sent 4 different times! What kind of a scam is this. How can we get our money back??

We saw your blog online about John Wilner and we are actually experiencing the same thing. We rented in August and since October, we have not received out deposit back.

We have emails with him going back and forth regarding how states he sent it and we should have received it. There are 3-4 emails and to date nothing. We called him and he sounded like a nervous wreck… he stated again that he wasn’t sure what was going on and would mail us “another” check.
I see your issue was resolved? Any pointers for us?


Found your web page. I am having the same issue with Jon who keeps lying to me about my security deposit. Exactly the same excuses. It is so pathetic

Any suggestions for me

Kind regards

Still haven’t received my check from Wilner after being promised it was in the mail countless times. I finally (politely) told him that I know what’s going on and I don’t have time for it and of course he responded with a completely insane email. What a sociopath. I’ve filed a complaint with both small claims court and the BBB. He already responded to the BBB complaint with lies. Have you heard from anyone else who has found your website? I looked up his name on the NY State court website and there are two ongoing cases with him.

So guess what happened? Wilner's check bounced!!!

He did give some bizare explanation; 5 amex accounts disputed charges which got taken out of his escrow... He wanted to wire it, which he did out of his personal account. We created a new account just for Wilner to avoid potential drama.

My husband didn't want the blog up until we had the money back and now he fears our correspondence has gotten too personal. I'm going to need to do some convincing and hopefully will have it up this weekend.

Just thought I'd let you know.

Just writing to say my experience with this flake is entirely consistent with yours; check in the mail, blah blah. He still owes me $4k, promised to me from August 2013. Repeatedly promised and never comes through. I will be filing a complaint with the NYS Department of State licensing bureau.

Hi there,

Just wanted to say how satisfying it was to stumble on your website. I am currently going through the same situation with my security deposit and it’s very frustrating. This is just the icing on the cake of an earlier unpleasant interaction with Jon Wilner when he tried to charge me a higher amount than the lease stated. When I notified him of it, he then charged me the correct amount and said he had reversed the incorrect charge, which of course he had not. So I was stuck with a double charge for at least five days before he finally gave me my money back. As if his actions weren’t enough, he was very rude in his emails and even tried to play the victim until I called him on his bullshit and reminded him that I was the customer. The replies from him were borderline insane. It’s really too bad that a great week at a nice house was bookended by these interactions.

But I just wanted to let you know that I had found it odd that there were ZERO reviews of him or his company on the internet, until I searched again today and found yours. Very satisfying to know that I’m not the only one!

I love the fact that you have a site about this. We are in the exact same situation. He has pulled the "it's in the mail" schtick for 6+ weeks now and he is so unprofessional in his handling of the situation. Any advice you have would be appreciated.


Came across your website and I'm dealing with the exact same issue!!! You're not alone out there. I finally received payment last week but the check that I received bounced so I'm back to square one. I'm hoping yours doesn't do the same. Looks like you and I have taken pretty much the same steps and gotten the same results. Best of luck!
2/1/2015 Jon Wilner Wrote:  
I am sorry , but it is not factual. However it is quite shocking to me that the email that I sent to you today and the email that I sent to my attorney with a copy to you is now on the blog. Do you think that that is right? Did you put it there? Why is the email that I sent to you and to my attorney now on your blog?

And I can tell you, that your statements on the blog are not at all factual. In fact they are libelous.
2/1/2015 Jon Wilner Wrote to his Attorney:  
Please deal with this , for the reply that I received below, is not factual at all. I have not received any complaints on my license whatsoever, and there is not one security deposit that is in default at this time. A blog or a posting has no right to be on line , that is meant to destroy and hurt someone, there is not one quote on that blog that is attributed to any one person or persons. There is not one name as an attribution. This blog is designed to hurt me and the damages that this blog can cause are actionable. Morty, please take whatever action you believe is necessary to prevent this person from unlawfully hurting me. There is not one quote that is backed up by anyone or any person or any agency. If the blog is not down within 24 hours, I will go to every extent of the law to have it taken down.

Morty, the person who is doing this blog is copied on this email, I do not know which is his real name, Andrew or Robert, I believe that you yourself spoke to Robert last Fall. This man was paid his security deposit in full.

Thank you
1/31/2015 Jon Wilner Wrote:  
I believe you own a blog that is operated by Internet Oracle, Inc.

This blog is called Pines Reviews.  Within that blog, there are dozens and dozens of libelous statements about me, Jon Wilner.   Not one negative comment is attributed to anyone.  In fact, the page is made up quotes after quotes about how horrible I am, but not one quote is substantiated, and no one takes responsibility for this blog, but no one can write on it.. so that people cannot even respond to my defense.  The only names that appear on the blog are names of my competitors.

I am asking you to remove this blog from the internet due to the fact that no one  is credited and the statements that are made are totally and completely false.   I ask you as gentlemen to remove it for it is clearly a blog designed to hate and ruin reputation of an innocent percent, unable to defend himself.

The statements about me  are untruthful, obscene and extremely damaging to my personal life, my businesses , AND  they destroyed my marriage as well.


Jon Wilner
1/31/2015 Jon Wilner Wrote: My Response:
Dear Sirs,

I see that you are the owner of the above link that takes you to this  blog that is libelous and intended to destroy  me and my reputation and my office.   I am Jon Wilner, and your blog has sentence after sentence after paragraph after paragraph with lies and distortions and misinformation all directed towards myself.   There is not one signature, not one person who gave their name to be quoted.   You can read every single word that totally and completely tries to destroy me, but at no time is there even one name on that blog that any of this can be attributed to.

The cowardly person who set up this blog has not attributed one quote to a person.  It is just meaningless lies directed against me with absolutely no backup.

This sort of thing is very damaging to my reputation and my business and not only is there not one shred of truth to this, but the entire thing is paragraph after paragraph saying the same awful things about me without any substantiation.   This kind of blog where you cannot even reply to this, should be removed immediately.  In addition, at the bottom of the blog, my competitors are listed with their names and websites listed, directing people to them instead of me.  Their names and their phones and their websites are clearly identified, as alternatives from my agency, but not one word that tries to destroy me and my reputation is even attributed to one person.

I ask you to please remove it immediately for I would think if someone has a complaint about  me that they would at least sign their name, but at no time on this blog is anyone quoted with an attribution.

I am giving you 24 hours to remove this entire blog and if it is not done by them, I will turn this over to my attorneys .

I would also have thought that you , as the owner of the site, would have checked this for its’ validity  before you put it on the internet.  This is not freedom of speech, this is cruel, underhanded, and disgusting lies and false statements that are designed to hurt me very badly.   I have been in business for thirteen years, and I can tell you that this fictionalized and libelous blog needs to be removed immediately.

Jon Winer
Dear Mr. Wilner,

Thank you for visiting my blog at:
It it my intention to be absolutely accurate in every detail. To the best of my knowledge every word on the site is factual. This is proven by the countless visitors who also didn't get their security back on time. This is proven by the Better Business Bureau. This is proven by the NYS Division of Licensing. This is why I've reprinted your emails exactly as sent. If you are aware of any errors or mistakes on my part, whatsoever, please advise me of them in detail, so that I can research them in a timely manner and make corrections if necessary.

Thanks again for visiting,
1/29/2015  Contacted by the NYS Department of Licensing. 

We reviewed my complaint filed on:  9/25/2014.  I specially mentioned that I DID receive the security deposit back.  He said he would do his own investigation and take the appropriate action.

1/16/2015: Six months later, and 2 NEW visitors report they STILL have not received their security deposits.  I've lost count of how many, not to mention how many more haven't found this site yet.  Clearly this is his policy?.
12/12/2014: Have received two more visitors emails who have not received their security deposits back.  Have to wonder how many people Wilner is screwing with.
11/20/2014: Since setting up this website I've received more than a dozen negative emails about Jon Wilner and Island Properties.  This includes 5 emails from people who have had trouble getting their security deposits returned, and 2 that received checks that bounced.  Three that still have not received their summer security deposits.  During this time there have been 3 new complaints on Island Properties.  Their rating has gone from 'A+' to 'D+'. 
10/7/2014 Jon Wilner:  "I’m proud to say that in 12 years I have never been the recipient of a complaint or been accused of what you are accusing me of."
My letter 10/8/2014 to Wilner: 10/9/2014
Dear Mr. Wilner,

Thank you for visiting my blog at:
It it my intention to be absolutely accurate in every detail. This is why I've reprinted your emails exactly as sent. If you are aware of any errors or mistakes on my part, whatsoever, please advise me of them in detail, so that I can research them in a timely manner and make corrections if necessary.

As I've stated over and over all I want is my security deposit. Had you sent it yesterday, as promised, you and I would have been done with each other forever.

Thanks again for visiting,
Wilner's lawyer steps in.  I have received the lawyer's check covering my security deposit. 

Matter Concluded


My letter 10/7/2014 to Wilner: Wilner's Response:
Dear Mr. Wilner,

Based on your track record to date, both my attorney and I agree that it would be foolish to give direct access to my bank account to someone like you.  If you are sincere in ending this matter, and plan to actually return my security deposit, simply send it USPS, or UPS, or FEDEX, with a tracking number, and supply this number to me.  This will allow us both to know that an envelope was actually sent and where it is.  Or if you want it resolved tomorrow, send it next day.  I have no doubt that if you actually mail it to the address I have supplied on 3 separate occasions, it will certainly arrive and you will never hear from me again. 
The timing is perfect. Today our post office is open and I can send it to you by air express through the Pines post office.

I am sorry that you are so hesitant to believe me, or to give me wiring instructions. However this works, I can give you a tracking number as soon as I send it out. No worries.

Thank you , this works.



5:25 PM Post Office Closed - NO TRACKING NUMBER


Your security deposit was for $650. I have mailed it to you as many times as you said it did not arrive. Why would I not send a $650 security deposit. After seeing your blog today, I immediately turned this over to my attorney. I asked him to send it to you because I was no longer putting myself in a position to entertain your blog. You seem to have great joy in embarrassing someone who did nothing more than find you a beautiful home in Fire Island Pines for a great price on a holiday week. Your blog is harassment and untrue and totally way over the line. Your $650 security deposit was NEVER held back, the owner released it and I sent it back to you each and every time. I can write your address by memory by this time. I have been in business for 12 years in Fire Island Pines, and I’m proud to say that in 12 years I have never been the recipient of a complaint or been accused of what you are accusing me of. I find it totally unacceptable for you to go on the internet with a blog, and God knows what else you have done, but I can assure you that I had no intention of ever not giving you back your $650. But after all the emails, and all the threats and now the blog, this is quite possibly a set up by you. You have spent far too much time and I know that I mailed it back to you. Too many people were sent the blog anonymously today. This is definitely harassment. I have turned this over to my attorney. The owners of this house were very gracious to you, and I found you this home, the best priced home over the holiday week, and this is how you treat me? When I asked you if I could wire you the funds, you refused, so obviously you were more interested in doing what you did, than getting your security back, which is why I turned this over now to my attorney, because you have now made this public which I believe, is now actionable because that blog is causing me damage.

I just do not understand your motivation. And nothing you can say is believable right now because people just do not act this way. They do not go out to destroy a human being and take as much joy in it as you do. I will now do whatever i have to do, through my attorney to protect my rights. No one would ever do what you have done. If all you wanted to do was get your security back then you would have opened one of the envelopes that I mailed to you or you would have simply given me wire instructions.

Jon Wilner


My letter 10/4/2014 to Wilner: Wilner's Response:

October 4, 2014

Dear Mr. Wilner,

According to your emails, you sent out my security deposit on August 29, September 17, and September 29.  To date none of these checks have arrived.  You asked in an email on September 16, “What more do you want from me?”  I’m certain you know exactly what I want from you.  Let me state it clearly, and for the record:  I WANT MY SECURITY DEPOSIT BACK.  This deposit was due back “no later than August 31.“ You are correct in pointing out that it was foolish to allow a two week grace period waiting for the first check.  I will not make this mistake again.  If you were sincere in returning my money, you could have sent the envelope(s) with tracking for a few dollars, (or even next day for a few dollars more).

1.   1.   You state in various emails that the delay in returning it was due to my  delay in verifying my address.  THIS IS A LIE.  I sent you my correct address:

On          2/3/2014



You confirmed by email that this was the address you had on file on:



You (somehow) managed to send my copy of the lease to this address in March 2014.

2.   2.   You state in various emails that the delay was also caused by my not responding to your emails in a timely manner.   THIS IS A LIE.  (Easily verifiable with email dates and times.)  I answered every email that required a response, in a timely manner, and all but 2 in less than ½ hour.    Those 2 were received at night, and were answered before opening of business the next day.   

3.       You state in various emails that I was not allowed to use the loft and used it anyway.  THIS IS A LIE.  There was no mention of the loft whatsoever, in the lease.  Nor in any emails, phone conversations, or in in-person conversations with your office or the landlord’s son.   

So far, I have contacted the landlord directly.  I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.  I have filed a complaint with New York State.  I have done my best to embarrass you into sending back my deposit.  None of this has worked.  I will continue to take any and all steps I feel are warranted to compel the return of my security deposit.   In light of your default, I have already made initial contact with Chase Visa about disputing part or all of the charges to my credit card. 


NO Response - NO check


NO Response - NO check - NO Suprise


NO check

Wilner's Response:

Please give me wiring instructions for the return of your security.

I am not going to argue with you, and I spoke to the owner of the house myself yesterday, there is no doubt that I sent you your security deposit back. There was no reason for me not to. I am impressed that you are more interested in embarrassing me and reporting me for this, rather than solving the problem.

Please give me wiring instructions so that this can be done instantly.

Thank you
Jon Wilner


Wilner on Security  Deposits: Jon Wilner - Facebook

Page Six on Wilner: Lawyer for Fire Island broker threatens to ‘destroy’ Page Six | New York news

Perhaps this is Jon "lost in the mail" Wilner's  company policy?  After all, the security deposit is more than his commission.  I'm sure some people simply forget about it.

There a fine line between flake and con artist.

(Sounds similar to 2013 Better Business Bureau Complaint summarized below. My complaint has been filed.)

One of the nastiest, most arrogant, incompetent people I've ever dealt with. 

Been Wilnerized?  Have you had dealings with Jon Wilner and Island Properties of the Pines?
Send your thoughts, comments, complaints and compliments to:

flake: n. An unreliable person; someone who agrees to do something, but never follows through.

wilner: n. A person who will not do what he has promised.  A flake. submitted to

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Additional Notes

Complaint: Our friend group rented a house through Island Properties of the Pines in July of 2013. I am writing this on Oct ****, 2013 having still not received our security deposit on the house for $1,300. This was due back, according to our lease, on August ****, 2013. I have made over five requests to have this money reimbursed, each time with promises that "the check is in the mail".

Desired Settlement: I would like our security deposit refunded.

Business Response:

I have no idea why you are emailing ****** *****.  She no longer works for this company.  The complaint was regarding a tenant who was asking for her security deposit and it was mailed to her on time.  Unfortunately it was mailed to her with the wrong zip code and returned to our office.  After it was realized that the wrong zip code was used, the check was then resent to the tenant and the tenant was notified of this yesterday.  The tenant should receive the check , addressed to the right zip code, this week, as it was mailed yesterday. 


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